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Harry R. Salinas, Ph.D.
Harry R. Salinas

PO BOX 722
Vienna, VA 22183

PROFESSIONAL PROFILE: Mr. Salinas is an experienced human resources consultant and equal employment opportunity/civil rights practitioner. He is also a certified bilingual conflict resolution counselor, career advisor, and training facilitator.

FEDERAL SERVICE: Throughout his military service, as enlisted member and later as commissioned officer, Captain Salinas served in the U.S. Air Force and later in the U.S. Army Reserve. He is a Vietnam Era Veteran. In his civil service career, as a public servant, Mr. Salinas held various key management positions as Management Analyst, Human Resources Consultant, Equal Employment Opportunity/Civil Rights Programs Manager, and Departmental Hispanic Employment Program Manager. He served in the Department of Defense (Department of Air Force, Defense Contract Audit Agency, Defense Logistics Agency, and Defense Information Systems Agency), the Department of Transportation, Intelligence Community (National Imagery and Mapping Agency), and Department of Agriculture. Mr. Salinas retired from Federal Government in January 2005 with 35-years of public service.

SPECIAL INTEREST: Mr. Salinas' special interest include: human resource management; equal employment opportunity/civil rights; student recruitment, placement, and colleges/universities relations; mentoring, community outreach, public relations and customer service; partnerships with special interest groups; training and career development; alternative dispute resolution (mediation); discrimination complaints counseling; and information technology.

EDUCATION: Mr. Salinas earned the following degrees: Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Human Resources Management (Cum Laude), La Salle University. 1999; Master Degree in Industrial Management and Supervision, Central Michigan University, 1974; and Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, Park University. 1973. Captain Salinas also graduated from the U.S. Army, School of Adjutant General-Advanced Officers School in 1984.

RECOGNITION: Mr. Salinas is the recipient of The Presidential, Certificate of Appreciation; the Department of the Air Force, Certificate of Education Achievement; the Federal Executive Association, Equal Employment Opportunity Achievement Award; the Department of Transportation, Superior Achievement Award, and other military commendations and special awards for his professional accomplishments, community service, and outstanding leadership. In his honor, The Harry R. Salinas Hispanic Employment Program Meritorious Leadership Award was established by the NCHEPM, which will be awarded to deserving HEP Managers.

INTERNATIONAL PROFILE: Mr. Salinas was born in La Paz, Bolivia. He lived in Azores, Portugal, worked with the Venezuelan Air Force, and traveled to Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Panama, Canada, France, and Belgium. He is multi-linguist and proficient in Spanish and English, and semi-proficient in Portuguese, French, and American Sign Language.

MEMBERSHIP: Mr. Salinas is a former member of the Reserve Officers Association, International Personnel Management Association, and National Association of Hispanic Federal Executives. He is Senior Advisor and Board Member of the National Council of Hispanic Employment Program Managers (NCHEPM), Escuela Bolivia, and Fairfax Selective Service System Board. He is member of the League of United Latin American Citizens and American Counseling Association, and volunteer counselor with SCORE, Washington DC Chapter.

PUBLICATIONS: Mr. Salinas is the author of an independent research study entitled, “Special Emphasis Programs (Hispanic Employment Programs) in Federal Government: How Effective Are They?” published in 1995; Author of U.S. Department of Agriculture’s publication entitled “2002/2003 Hispanic Americans: Who’s Who In USDA” highlighting the significant accomplishments of over 140 Hispanics in various occupations; and Co-founder of the “First Greater Washington, DC Hispanic Youth Symposium” held in July 2004 at Marymount University, Arlington, VA.

FAMILY: Mr. Salinas resides in Fairfax, VA. He has two sons, Mark S. Salinas, Artist and Sculptor, a graduate of Washington University, St. Louis, MO., and Matthew H. Salinas, Psychologist, graduate of the University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH.

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