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Human Resource Management for EEO Practitioners

Background: In the introduction to Management Directive 715, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) restates the statutory basis for all Federal EEO programs: The United States government must ensure that all its personnel actions are “made free” of any discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin or reprisal and that each of its agencies has “an affirmative program of equal employment opportunity” for all employees and applicants for employment. {Section 717 of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, 42 U.S.C. ‘2000e-16}

This 5-day course explores and identifies the critical role that human resource management policies and practices play in attaining the model EEO Program envisioned by EEOC as well as efforts to improving diversity and inclusion mandated by Executive Order 13583. EEO Specialists and others involved in either implementing MD 715 reports or in EEO complaint management need a good understanding of key components of human resource management such as recruitment, staffing, placement, retention, job classification, merit promotion, training, awards, and discipline, in order to ask probing questions, identify evasive answers, or recommend viable alternatives, as part of the ongoing effort to identify and eliminate employment barriers.

Training Objectives: We will use a scenario-based approach to ensure that participants understand such HR decision-making such as:

  • How positions are classified and how some upgrades are “unplanned”
  • The myriad legal ways to fill a vacant position and the EEO implications of each alternative
  • The pros and cons of “interview one-interview all” merit promotion policy
  • Use of special hiring authorities to recruit and place people with disabilities
  • How training needs should be prioritized
  • performance awards—regulations, expectations and explanations from an EEO

These and many other HR decision points will be analyzed to identify possible barriers to full participation of any group at all levels of the workplace.

Course Content: Learn about human resource management from square one. The 5-day session will include the following topics:

Position Classification, Position Management & Pay Administration: EEO Specialists need to have a good understanding of position classification in general and position descriptions (PDs) in particular, since the PD determines title, series and grade, and grade controls pay. The PD is also central to many aspects of human resources, including staffing; performance management; and employee development & training. This unit is designed to provide that information.

Recruitment & Staffing: EEO Specialists need to have a good understanding of staffing, since staffing-related decisions (including selections for permanent and temporary promotions, permanent and temporary reassignments, and details) are the basis of a large number of discrimination complaints and grievances. This unit is designed to provide that information.

Employee Relations: EEO Specialists need to have a good understanding of several major aspects of employee relations, including performance management and awards; conduct and discipline; and leave administration, since these are areas which generate a significant number of EEO complaints, grievances and appeals. This unit is designed to provide that information.

Employee Development & Training: Coordination with Human Resources. EEO Specialists need to have a good understanding of employee development and training, since training to improve an employee’s knowledge and skills in his/her current position and training to support the organization’s need for new skills can give the selected employee an edge in competing for a specific job, and/or may have career implications. Accordingly, non-selection for a training opportunity can generate discrimination complaints and grievances.

Who should attend: Equal Opportunity Specialists, Special Emphasis Program Managers, Human Resource assistants and practitioners, agency line supervisors.

About the instructor:

John Jones completed a 30 year career in Federal service, retiring as the Director of Equal Opportunity for the Bureau of Reclamation. His experience includes Regional Personnel Officer with GSA and EPA. John has a unique ability to evaluate personnel regulations in context with equal opportunity issues. John was a recipient of Interior’s Meritorious Service Award for his leadership and contributions in equal employment opportunity and affirmative employment. John’s experience as a senior manager in both equal opportunity and human resources provides him with a unique perspective on how these disciplines interface.

Nomination procedures : Agencies should submit nominations on an agency training form, purchase order or in a letter showing participant's name, title, agency, mailing address, phone number and billing instructions. VISA and Mastercard and EFT payments are accepted.

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Tuition: $1,495 per person

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