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Fundamentals of Mediation: Skills and Process Training

Background: This course concentrates on the development of those communications and negotiations skills which are essential for any third party, whether mediator or supervisor, who is tasked with resolving conflict.

Training Objectives:

  • The theory & concepts of mediation, includingthe seven stages of the mediation process, and the ways in which mediation differs from negotiation, arbitration and litigation.
  • Communication skills to enable parties to express interests, develop options, and hear other views.
  • Negotiating methods and the ability to help parties separate positions from interests in an interest-based approach to negotiation or mediation
  • To use the seven stages of mediation to enable parties to communicate and to identify acceptable solutions to their disputes
  • How to deal with impasse
  • How to get the parties to closure
  • How to make ethical decisions about the appropriateness of mediation in a given case and when not to mediate; about mediator interactions with the parties before, during and after the mediation; and how to terminate or withdraw from a mediation.

Course Content: This introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) focuses on contrasting mediation, litigation and arbitration through lecture, demonstrations (video & live), exercises and role plays.

  • Overview of the "7 Stages" of mediation
  • The role of the mediator
  • Confidentiality in mediation application
  • The Mediator's Opening-instrructor demonstration
  • Role Play 1: Setting the stage, practicing the opening session
  • Characteristics of an effective mediator
  • Interest-based negotiation - tthe basis of mediation resolution
  • Negotiations exercise
  • Role Play 2: Facilitating the negotiations
  • Generating options for resolution · Using the caucus: The mediator's special tool
  • Communication models and communication skills for mediators
  • Small group practice: Communications awareness and Effective listening
  • Writing Agreements (agreements to mediate and mediated settlement agreements)
  • Techniques for closure (getting an agreement)
  • Role Play 3: Closure and agreement writing
  • Ethics in mediation
  • Mediator Quiz

Who should attend: This is a course for individuals who want training in the fundamental processes necessary to mediate disputes in the governmental work place and for supervisors, managers and colleagues who want to acquire crucial job-related skills in preventing conflict, resolving disputes, preserving workplace relationships and avoiding debilitating and time consuming adversarial processes, such as arbitration and litigation. Individuals particularly needing these skills are EEO officers, EEO specialists, Special Emphasis Program Managers and EEO counselors, personnelists, labor relations specialists, and labor counselors, in addition to line managers and supervisors.

Participant comments

Bob & Frank are great coaches in showing how to work with people to mediate conflict.

The entire program was excellent. I think every agency supervisor should take this course.

I feel more confident in my ability to help with our agency's mediation process.

The background the instructors bring to this course is amazing!

About the instructors: Frank Carr specializes in all aspects of conflict management and strategic partnering. His practice includes disputes prevention, relationship alignment, and conflict resolution. He has extensive experience in mediation, arbitration, partnering facilitation, mediation and management training, and ADR systems design.

Frank retired from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as the Chief Trial Attorney and Dispute Resolution Specialist in 2002 after a distinguished career wherein he was the leader in the development of the ADR and partnering programs. He was a pioneer within the federal government for the use of ADR to resolve procurement, construction, employment, labor/ management relations and EEO cases.

He holds BA and JD degrees from Duquesne University and an LL.M. from Georgetown University

Bob Randolph brings a background in business, economics (MA, Politics and Economics, Oxford University) and Law (JD Harvard Law School) to his work in international development where he chiefly manages the design and implementation of mediation programs. Over the past twenty years, Bob has been actively involved in the international arena as a corporate executive, an international arbitrator and mediator, diplomat promoting democracy and governance (USAID), a practicing attorney specializing in civil rights and corporate governance issues, and a Conflict Resolution Expert with experience in Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Bob is a member of the Washington State and Virginia Bars. A Rhodes Scholar, Bob holds an MA from Oxford University in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. He is a an honors graduate of Harvard Law School and recently earned a LL.M. in International Tax (International Tax Focus) from Georgeto­wn Law School (2002)

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