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Special Emphasis Program Manager Handbook by Carrolle Rushford

June 2015 Revised edition

    The Special Emphasis Program Manager Handbook is the most complete desk reference available. It contains information on regulatory and technical aspects of Federal special emphasis programs and a wealth of information on related civil rights materials. The 2015 revised edition contains over 450 pages of practical information on how to run an effective Special Emphasis Program.

    The Handbook includes:
    • legal requirements for SEPMs
    • SEP goals and objectives
    • the role of the SEPM
    • staffing for SEPM duties
    • collateral duty assignments
    • training for SEPMs
    • beginning a new program
    • management functions
    • potential areas to review and tasks to perform
    • implementing a work plan
    • developing a budget
    • analyzing work force statistics
    • working with management
    • networking
    • recruiting plans
    • preparing for a management presentation
    • developing a recruiting plan
    • planning a special event/observance
    • differences between EEO, affirmative employment and diversity
    • disparate treatment and disparate effect
    • systemic discrimination
    • developing action items
    • roles of other EEO officials
    • upward mobility programs
    • selective placement programs for individuals with disabilities
    • tips on working with individuals with disabilities
    • filing complaints of discrimination
    • cultural diversity
    • sexual harassment
    • employment of transgender individuals
    • the federal personnel system
    • personnel appointing authorities
    • merit promotion plans
    • getting a federal job
    • federal grievance and appeals procedures
    • the Glass Ceiling
    • alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures
    • sample forms
    • glossary of EEO terms
    • historical notes on Civil Rights from 1492 to the present
    • overview of federal laws and regulations
    • internet and networking resources
    • glossary of terms
    • bibliography
    • Executive Orders


    Quantity Cost per Book
    1-5 $174.95
    6-10 $164.95
    11-25 $156.95
    26-50 $150.95
    >51 call for price

    The Handbook is packaged in a high quality, sturdy, five-color, 2-1/2" loose-leaf binder, with extra space to add your agency regulations and guidelines and other miscellaneous material. This Handbook is a must for every Special Emphasis Program Manager, Equal Opportunity Specialist or EEO Committee member, not only as a technical guide, but as a comprehensive reference manual.

    Quantity Shipping
    1 $15
    2 $26
    3 $34
    Ea book over 3 Add $8/book
    >10 call for price

    Shipping and handling: All books are shipped UPS unless otherwise specified. Books weigh 6.5 pounds each. For shipping prices to Alaska & Hawaii or for more than 10 books, call for a quote.

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For Peete's Sake

Before there was Tiger Woods – there was Calvin Peete. Coming from very poor circumstances, Calvin didn’t begin playing golf until he was in his 20s. Click here for more info and order form

By Dolly Ness



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Federal Pride by Carrolle Rushford

    In a setting of budget cutbacks, reductions in force, erosion of benefits, abuse by the press and political figures, todays Federal worker has a real challenge in staying motivated to do a good job.

    This presentation deals with rekindling that spark of pride and helping it grow. It focuses on the positive aspects of working for the Federal government and of taking responsibility for the Federal image.

    There are three actions which can be taken to improve the Federal image and develop more pride in your work and yourself.
    1. Acknowledge the good work of employees.
      • On the worksite -- provide more recognition with awards programs
      • In the public -- send more news articles to newspapers about the good work being done by the workforce. Be aggressive about this.
    2. Take an active part in legislative and management decisions affecting your work. (Don't violate the Hatch Act.)
      • Write to your congressional representatives about legislation affecting your pay, your benefits, the programs you administer.
      • Take part in internal management decisions. Provide well thought-out feedback when new management policies are being set up.
    3. Act like you are proud to be a Federal worker.
      • Identify those things in your job which you like and do well.
      • Resolve to be more positive about your work and yourself.
    Format: 25 minute CD
    Cost: $15.00 each plus $2.50 for postage, handling, insurance

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If It Is To Be, It's Up To Me by Carrolle Rushford
    Developing positive habits
    Change is a challenging state. To effect it. one must have a deep desire to achieve and be willing to persevere at all odds. The following steps are necessary to develop a positve habit or reach a goal
    1. Identify that specific goal you wish to achieve or that facet of your personality you would like to change. Write it down.
    2. Envision yourself as though you had achieved that goal and write a description of yourself in that state.
    3. Write down three statements describing you as you are in your goal-achieved state. (positive affirmations)
    4. Every morning and every evening, spend 10 minutes reading those positive statements out loud. Do this for 21 days in a row.

    Other tips

    Write your positive affirmations on 3x5 cards and place them all over your house, office, car. When writing your positive affirmations, use present tense verbs and actually describe yourself in the "achieved" state, no a "trying" state. Read the following statements. Even though the second statements seem to speak positively about a goal, they really are focusing on the negative behavior, the attempt to change, how far you have to go. The first statements focus on the success, the goal, the "being."

    "Achieved" I enjoy looking slim and weighing only 125 pounds
    "Trying" I will try to lose 20 pounds.

    "Achieved" I like being early for appointments.
    "Trying" I will not be late any more.

    Format: 60 minute CD
    Cost: $15.00 each plus $2.50 for postage, handling, insurance.

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