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Maintaining a Respectful Workplace: The Supervisorís Role

This is a one-day session being offered twice in Anchorage: 
Monday, February 2 and Tuesday, February 3.  (choose one)
Class hours are 8:30 to 4:30.

Background: The workplace is a reflection of our general society and within our society is a wide range of behaviors. For the most part, people tend to be respectful others. But there are times when behavior “crosses the line.”  It can move to not only being disrespectful but to being illegal when it involves violating a person’s civil rights.  This session will provide information on the Federal definition of a hostile working environment when it violates EEO laws.  It will provide guidance on how to deal with direct reports who may be engaging in behavior creating a hostile working environment or in bullying behaviors. 

 Learning Objectives

  • Identify behaviors that may lead to a hostile working environment
  • nderstand forms of bullying
  • Minimize conflicts by promoting a respectful workplace
  • Improve communication and cooperation in the workforce

 Topics to be covered

  • The importance of addressing hostile working environments
  • Impact of disrespect and bullying in the workplace
  • National statistics on bullying and incivility at work
  • Whose responsibility is it?
  • Can one bad apple spoil the bunch?
  • Impact of disrespect and bullying in the workpace organizationally and individually
  • How your attitude affects others        
  • Identifying behaviors appearing negative to others even if you don’t realize it    
  • Examining your communication style and how it impacts others        
  • Understand how negative behavior can be reinforced in a team environment    
  • Strategies to keep you in control of your own reactions
  • Identify specific definitions of what is or is not disrespectful behavior in the workplace
  • The speed of the leader is the speed of the gang
  • What you praise you perpetuate; what you tolerate, you promote
  • Ways to deal with disruptive or disrespectful behavior
  • Six steps to reinforcing respect in the workplace

 Methodology:  Lecture, group workshops, case studies, powerpoint presentation, use of videos, and turn chart.  Nonconfrontational methods are utilized to maximize participation and learning.

Target Audience:  First line supervisors, mid‑level managers, team leaders, project directors, EO practitioners, employee relations specialists.

Nomination procedures: You may register for this class in one of 3 ways: 

  1. Call our office at 303-989-3796 and provide credit card information - no forms necessary. 
  2. Complete the registration form available on our website at and email to or fax to 303-985-4996
  3. Complete an agency SF-182, DD-1556 or other agency training form and email to or fax to 303-985-4996

NOTE: If emailing, do not include credit card information. Please call the office to provide the number. Confirmation emails will be sent to the participant. Credit cards are usually charged following the class unless requested to be charged earlier. Invoicing will be done in accordance to payment type indicated on the agency training form.

Tuition: $295 per person

Cancellation policy:
Nominations cancelled 30 days prior to class date, no charge.
Cancellations from 30 to 15 days prior to class, 50% fee charged.
Cancellations 14 days or less, full fee charged.
Registration deadline: Two weeks prior to the start of class

Substitutions accepted until the first day of class
Space is limited. Please register early

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